Sommer 2010

Colloquium „Anthropology of colonial and postcolonial orders“

Campus Bockenheim, Senckenberganlage 31, R 404; 16-18 Uhr.

  • 15.4. Roman Patock (Frankfurt): "Aceh: Fighters fight, but soldiers follow orders!"
  • 22.4. Ricarda Gerlach (Frankfurt): “Women's activists in Indonesia. Programs, organisations, activities“
  • 26.4. Rula Hardal (Hannover): “Women's activism among the Palestinian citizens in Israel - in a context of relations between indigenous minority and ethnocratic state"
  • 29.4. Sonia Zayed (Frankfurt): „„Social status of Palestinian women. Comparison between rural and urban spaces”
  • 10.6. Georg Klute (Bayreuth): "Beyond the state. Tracing emergent forms of power in contemporary Africa"
  • 17.6. Sascha Helbardt (Passau): “The Malay separatist movement in southern Thailand”
  • 24.6. Maria Zemp (Medica Mondiale Afghanistan): “Between a rock and a hard place: The current situation of Afghan Women”
  • 29.6. Homayun Alam (Göttingen), Peyman Tabakhun: „The voices of the Iranian democracy and freedom movement in Germany”. Film: „Erwachen einer Nation“ (Peyman Tabakhun)
  • 8.7. Birte Brecht (Frankfurt): „Norms and polycentric power structures in Minadano“
  • 15.7. Luthfi Assyaukanie (Jakarta): “Islam and democracy in Indonesia”