Sommer 2009

State and society in the Islamic world

Weekly Colloquium, 16-18
Campus Bockenheim, Senckenberganlage 31, R 416.

Prof. Dr. Susanne Schröter
Department of Anthropology
Cluster of Excellence “Formation of normative orders”
Goethe-Universität Frankfurt
Senckenberganlage 31
60325 Frankfurt am Main

  • 23.4. Susanne Schröter: Palestine/Israel after the Gaza war
  • 30.4. Claudia Baumgart-Ochse: Zionism and violence in Israel
  • 19.5. Alireza Hassanzadeh: Soccer and urban rituals in Iran after the Islamic revolution
  • 28.5. Somayeh Karimi: Ethnicity and the state in the Islamic Republic of Iran
  • 9.6. Umar Abd bin Aziz: Traditional justice system in Aceh. A study on community based peace dispute settlement
  • 18.6. Kristina Großmann: Sharia in Aceh. A gender perspective examination
  • 25.6. Conrad Schetter: Traditional political system and foreign intervention in Afghanistan
  • 2.7. Faraj Sarkohi: Repression and resistance in pre- and postrevolutionary Iran
  • 9.7. Dominik Müller: Glocalized Nasyid in Malaysia
  • 16.7. Holger Warnk: Concepts of Islam and the state in Malaysia

Postcolonial discourses in the Islamic world. Orientalism, Occidentalism and global justice

Gastvortrag von Prof. Dr. Hassan Hanafi, Cairo University
Dienstag den 2. Juni 2009
18:00 – 20:00 Uhr Raum 404, Campus Bockenheim, Juridicum