Susanne Schröter, ed.: Gender and Islam in Southeast Asia. Women's rights movements, religious resurgence and local traditions. Leiden: Brill 2013

The volume is the first comprehensive compilation of texts on gender constructions, normative gender orders and their religious legitimizations, as well as current gender politics in Islamic Southeast Asia, which besides the Islamic core countries of Malaysia and Indonesia also comproses southern Thailand and Mindanao (Philippines). The authors trace the impact of national development programmes, modernization, globalization, and political conflicts on the local and national gender regimes in the twentieth century, and elaborate on the consequences of the revitalization of a conservative type of islam. The book, thus, elucidates the boundary lines of cultural and political processes of negotiation related to state, society, and community. It employs a broad analytical framework, offers rich empirical data and gives new insights into current debates on gender and Islam.